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Program Yayasan Indonesia Eurasia Internasional berbagi dengan anak yatim dan Kaum Duafa melalui KOIN

IEIF is an International Foundation, headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.
The IEIF is dedicated to Research, Publications, Education, Medical care
and Rehabilitation, Community support and inter-faith dialogue.
IEIF was founded to serve the needs of the poor and underprivileged.


and Initiatives



Science & Technology

Economic Council

National and International Forums

Medical care and Rehabilitation

Accelerator & Resource Centre




Our mission is to plan and implement or join hands with governments, donors,

non-government and other volunteering bodies for implementing, development that fulfill our vision to educate, organize, strengthen the underprivileged communities with total capacities to manage their own development. Our mission is to provide timely and meaningful support to needy children, by effectively implementing projects in the area of Education, Health and Nutrition, which have a sustainable, cost effective and positive impact. We support children giving the hopes and aspirations of underprivileged and empowering them to a better tomorrow.

relation International Foundation

Today relationships and technology offer us unprecedented opportunities to promote mutual understanding, respect and tolerance.

Let’s unite and make effort in making Indonesia an ideal place to live.

IEIF invites organisations and individuals to join us as we  begin an exciting  jorney in delivering positive and impactful programs in INDONESIA.

IEIF invites institutions and individuals to join and to contribute to building partnership-based programs aimed at empowering young people.

IEIF represents a pioneering initiative, at the academic and educational levels, to enable Muslims, and humanity at large, to discover the true potential of Islam.

The importance of WAQF in the Islamic redistribution framework

WAQF is an important institution in the Islamic social framework.
It can harness the potential of selfless charitable giving in an effective way
for better economic impact in the targeted social segments of society.

One of the important features of WAQF is that it provides flexibility in fund
utilisation as compared to zakāh (almsgiving). 

Zakāh funds must be utilised for
specific categories of recipients. On the other hand, the institution of WAQF 
can be used to provide a wide range of welfare services to Muslims as well
as non-Muslims, and the beneficiaries could also be other living beings.
For instance, animal protection programmes and environmental preservation
expenditures can be provided more flexibly through WAQF.

The institution of WAQF can transform social capital into social and public infrastructure.
It provides a permanent social safety net in the case of perpetual waqf to the beneficiaries.
Under WAQF, an owner donates and dedicates an asset (movable or immovable) for permanent societal benefit. The beneficiaries enjoy its usufruct and/or income perpetually.
In the contemporary application of WAQF, it can be established either by dedicating real
estate, furniture or fixtures, other movable assets and liquid forms of money and wealth
like cash and shares.

The cash WAQF is usually formed where the pooled donations are used to build institutions,
such as schools, hospitals and orphanages.

Indonesia Eurasia International Foundation

Initiatives Program


Our mission is to provide timely and meaningful support to needy children, by effectively implementing projects in the area of Education, Health and Nutrition, which have a sustainable, cost effective and positive impact.

We support children giving the hopes and aspirations of underprivileged and empowering them to a better tomorrow.

We aim to support creation of Indonesia without poverty where every child, family and community is connected, productive and thriving.

Working together, we invest in the lives of children and youth, build the healthy environments they need to thrive, and empower them to create lasting change in their own lives and communities.

The mission of our Foundation is to help poor and underprivileged families in getting education, health and food.


INDONESIA Halal Hub (IHH) intends to create HALAL awareness, foster trade and facilitate convenient access to genuine HALAL goods and services. It will provide international HALAL players an opportunity to enhance business relations and initiate trading deals. It will enable Indonesian companies with HALAL products and services to introduce their products and services to HALAL buyers from all over the world.

IHH a centralized showcase for suppliers to market INDONESIAN Halal products and services to International buyers.

IHH intends to create awareness regarding the potential and opportunities in INDONESIA, and promote “HALAL INDONESIA” brand label as the guarantee for Best Quality Product.

INDONESIA Halal Hub is a platform for interested players in the HALAL industry to come together, meet each other and conclude deals that would be beneficial for all.

IHH expected to facilitate international entrepreneurs to expand their business network especially on the production and trading of HALAL products.

INDONESIA Halal Hub provides a suitable platform to understand the movement of this dynamic industry.

Bringing together manufacturers and buyers, trader’s merchandisers as well as HALAL professionals from around the world, INDONESIA Halal Hub will create the perfect arena to complete business deals, hold trade negotiations and expand businesses.

Indonesia Eurasia International Council

IEIC is a platform for its members to communicate with representatives of the government and private sector of the Indonesia and Eurasia. 

The Council is focused on key themes to advance Indonesian economic prosperity and competitiveness.

The Council’s mission is to protect small business and promote entrepreneurship.

We believe a strong, sustainable and diversified economy is the foundation for healthy communities, prosperous families and reliable social programs. We believe that small business has a vital leadership role to play in driving innovation, creating strong communities and being responsible stewards of our environment.

One of the focus areas of the Council is to work with the next generation of leaders by providing network-building opportunities for their development, civic engagement and philanthropic involvement.

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